Photograph by Anne Eikstadt

I have had the wonderful opportunity to present at several different libraries, luncheons, conferences, and museums through the years.  The most recent presentations were at the Boone County Historical Museum and Midway Village Museum Center.  I love presenting because it gives me the chance to meet people with the same interests in history, ghostly happenings and true crime.

I have no illusions about being a good speaker and to be honest, I am usually terrified right before I begin.  It gets easier once I start because I get lost in the stories.  I just feel compelled to share the stories and have been touched in some way by each one.

I also am very humbled by the amount of people that attend these events.  I have been very fortunate to make good friends through these outings and always appreciate when I look into the crowd and see a familiar face.  I once made the mistake of asking someone what calmed them before a talk.  They told me the old standard about picturing people in their underwear!  I tried that technique…once.  I think I have very different type of imagination than the person that gave that tip.  I found myself giggling through most of my talk.  Worst advice EVER!

It calms me to have someone familiar in the crowd that I can look at throughout the talk.  Plus, these stories fascinate me and I have researched most of them quite a bit, so the stories stay with me.  I have also been very fortunate to have a lot of feedback.  I count on that to help me prepare the stories and the presentations.

It really touches me that people read my stories, attend the events, and join me for the presentations.  I owe a huge thank you to anyone who has ever listened to, read or shared one of the stories!

For an article about the presentation at Boone County Historical Museum written by Anne Eickstadt for Rock Valley Publishing: