I first heard about the disappearance of Maura Murray on the Series “Disappeared.” It intrigued me because of Maura’s strange action right before her disappearance. I felt there was more behind the story. This book delves into the back story. Though James Renner has a style that can seem callous and his usage of certain slang terms (usually profane) grates on my nerves- I did enjoy this book. It chronicled how obsessed a writer (or researcher) can become while chasing leads to stories. I also write non-fiction and know how easily the line between your life and your subjects can become blurred. Up to this point, I have written short stories or articles about my subjects and have struggled with keeping my views objective. I cannot even imagine how that works when committing yourself to research (for years in some cases!) one single story. I’m a quick reader but I flew through this book even faster than usual and have already ordered his first book.