Forest City Stories

Forest City Stories. A collection of fiction & non-fiction by Rockford authors, 2016. Edited by Heath D. Alberts. Published by Digital Ninjas.

ISBN 978-1540680747

Contributor Jenny Mathews once said that when everything else was lost, and when all else was gone, that the makers would remain. Rockford does, indeed, possess an abundance of such individuals: the makers, the dreamers, the writers, the poets, the musicians, the artisans, the craftspeople, and the volunteers.

It is through their generosity of spirit that this book came to be. A small group of Rockford’s makers came together as one to share some of the city’s historic tales, as well as some of their own stories, poems, art, and photography. All of this, in an effort to create a gestalt — an organized whole that is more profoundly compelling than its individual parts. Heath D. Albers, Editor.

Forest City Stories is available from many online booksellers.