Kathi Kresol

Historian and writer; Rockford, Illinois

Kathi Kresol

Kathi Kresol has worked at the Rockford Public Library for years and loves sharing her enthusiasm for reading in any way possible. After working for some time as Library Branch Manager, in 2021 Kathi was offered the position of Mobile Library Manager. Kathi loves the new and exciting challenges of bringing Rockford Public Library features into new and different locations and neighborhoods.

A member of the Rockford Historical Society, Kathi is always digging through Rockford’s past and she gives all the credit for her researching skills to local history specialists Jean Lythgoe and Jan Carter of the Rockford Public Library.

Kathi Kresol has been researching the history of Northern Illinois for more two decades. She has published two solo books “Murder and Mayhem in Rockford, Illinois,” (2015); and Haunted Rockford, Illinois,” (2017). Kathi has also collaborated with other local authors to share several articles in four books featuring compilations of Rockford authors.

Kathi also loves to share the stories she researches in presentations for local organizations and in events sponsored by her business Haunted Rockford Events. The local newspaper, Rock River Times has shared Kathi’s stories for several years. Her column “Voices from the Grave” has allowed Kathi to share her passion for history with a larger part of Rockford’s community. She is always honored when someone mentions reading one of her stories. Read more …

Do you need a speaker?

Kathi Kresol is available to speak to your adult or youth organization or club. Kathi can talk about people and places in Rockford History, or she can share tales of the unexplained or mysterious. The form on the contact page here is the easiest way to reach Kathi. Note that every year Kathi’s schedule for October fills up weeks in advance.

Kathi Kresol speaking to group at historic Camp Grant.

Kathi loves to share Rockford’s history

Kathi Kresol loves to share the results of her research into Rockford’s past. Through Haunted Rockford Events, Kathi sponsors true history tours, as well as paranormal tours and investigations. Kathi also writes a regular column “Voices from the grave,” in the Rock River Times and Rock River Times Online.

Kathi has written two books, and has contributed to several anthologies by Rockford writers. Read more about her work in print on the In Print page on this website.

You can find over 160 of Kathi’s stories of the people and places in Rockford’s past, including some stories of unexplained events. Read those stories on the Haunted Rockford website here.

Kathi Kresol is one of Northwest Quarterly’s 25 Most Interesting People for 2023

At Haunted Rockford, we’re very proud of Kathi and happy to share this News with you.

“Everyday heroes are all around us. Parents, emergency responders and teachers come quickly to mind. But what about the small-business owners, conservationists, philanthropists and quiet leaders among us? It’s easy to take for granted, but it’s important to recognize the many ways these heroes inspire us to dream more, do more, be more. So, we’ve found 25 individuals who have left a mark on our regions by inspiring others through acts of courage, vision and passion.” — Northwest Quarterly, Annual Guide 2023.

Photography by Samantha Behling, Northwest Quarterly, 2023. Used by permission.

Kathi Kresol at Northwest Quarterly

Kathi Kresol In Print

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