So…as many of you know – I host paranormal events through my business Haunted Rockford.  I love finding new haunted locations and researching their history.  Sometimes I find these places and other times, they are suggested by friends.  This particular place was investigated by our friends Dean Thompson and Laura Redmond from Ghost Head Soup.

The location was the Victorian Garden Bed and Breakfast in Monroe, Wisconsin.  Sara Bowker (the psychic who joins us for events) and I were excited to co-host this event.  This was our second event at this place but this one was a little different.  It consisted of a tour, a reveal of past investigations by Ghost Head Soup and then a mini-investigation.

Sara and I walked around while the Ghost Head Crew was setting up their equipment.  Even before the guest began to arrive the spirits were letting us know they were around.  One of the bedroom doors opened by itself when there was no one on the second floor.  Sara sensed a little boy in the alley that runs alongside the property.  He apparently did not live in the house but loved to play with the children and spent quite a bit of time there.

Sara also sensed a woman that she felt was the original lady of the house.  The Trachsel family included Albert the head of the household, his wife Elizabeth (called Lizzie), and their three children  Albert F. (called Freddy), Anna and Lydia. Apparently, Lizzie still roams the halls of the home.  According to Sara, Lizzie helps Tia and Tony and sometimes likes to play tricks to let them know that she is near.

After the guests arrived, we had one of the owners Tia, describe how the details of the purchase of the home.  Tia really believes that the house chose her to be the next owner.  Tia and Tony both love the property and their devotion to the home is obvious.  The house is beautifully decorated both inside and out.

After Tia spoke we let the guests take a break and wander through the rooms.  Then we gathered again and Dean Thompson and Laura Redmond shared some of the evidence the team has collected.  They had a couple of EVP’s that gave me goosebumps!  One is from an earlier investigation when they asked who was still in the home.  The answer they received was very clear.  “Freddy.”

The next bit of evidence was captured when the team was there for a previous session.  They were asking some questions and not getting any real responses but when they played the recording back they heard a piano playing.  When Dean and the team’s other researcher, Tim were doing the history of the family, they learned that Freddy was an accomplished pianist.  This made the recording even more relevant.  The thing that made it startling was while the piano music is very clear on the recording, there is no piano located in the home.

The whole night went better than I could have hoped.  The group was great, the location was beautiful, the hosts were very gracious and the ghosts did not disappoint!  Sara and I love working with all of our teams that join us for these events and that is certainly true of the Ghost Head Soup Crew!

If you are looking for a unique location to stay that has the added bonus of being very haunted, I recommend the Victorian Garden Bed and Breakfast in Monroe.  Here is their website:

Ghost Head Soup has collected much more evidence about the Victorian Gardens from their investigations there.  Please visit their website: