Those of you who know me personally realize that I read a lot! But I do not read much fiction. I read all of the Stephen King books when I was a kid but now I prefer non fiction. But I recently found out about Terri Reid ‘s paranormal mystery series about Mary Reilly. I loved them so much- I had to read them all! But this past October I actually got the chance to meet the author in person when I invited her to speak at the Illinois Paranormal Conference. It was amazing to meet her; right up there with meeting Rosemary Ellen Guiley and Paul Dale Anderson!

But then something even more amazing happened! Terri asked if she could use my name as a character in a book! How cool is that!

During the holidays, I got the chance to catch up on my reading and I read three Mary Reilly books in the one week! They were all wonderful and I was pleasantly surprised to find that Delayed Departures is the one that has a character based on me and Terri even used Haunted Rockford! I am so awed, amazed and completely THRILLED.

I really love these books and highly recommend the series. Terri is a talented author and she makes the characters so real. I wish I could work with Mary and her crew to solve these mysteries that involve ghosts. It is an added bonus that the stories take place in Freeport and Northern Illinois!