I had a fantastic day at work on Friday, June 9, 2017.  It was filled from sun up to sun down (as many of my days are). First, we hosted a Summer Reading Club Kick off party at the Montague Branch Library.  It was well attended and everyone had a good time (I hope).

Then I helped man a booth at the Rockford City Market.  My co-worker Heather and I arrived, unloaded my car and set up the booth.  Anyone who has been there knows that HUNDREDS of people come and the parking can be a nightmare.

We enjoyed ourselves despite the heat but I was pretty much ready to go by 7:00.  (I am not as young as I used to be and 11 plus hours of play time had worn me completely out!)

I said goodbye to my co-workers and trudged to my car.  I reached the parking lot and realized that someone had parked right behind me.  Now I am not talking parking a little  close to my car- this person completely blocked me in.  I stood there for a moment not able to comprehend what I was seeing.

I am a grown who usually has control over my emotions but I was so hot and so tired that I could feel my five year old self rise to the surface.  I was getting all set to have a complete melt down and it must have shown on my face because a woman passing by asked me if I was alright.

She noticed the car behind mine and asked if I knew the people who owned the car.  I didn’t even answer but shook my head.  There was a family parked next to me and the man was getting his little family into their car and heard the woman’s question.

He stepped up to me and said “you can get out after I pull out.”  Then he must have noticed how I looked and said he would get me out.  At first, I said “No, you are all ready to leave.”  But the woman said “She does need your help – she’s just being nice.”

The man pulled his car out and returned to mine.  By this time, another man who wanted a parking place had pulled up and he too got out to help.  He directed the man in my car and in no time at all I was free.

I cannot even begin to express my appreciation to these complete strangers who stopped to help me. It may have only taken a few minutes of their time but it meant the world to me (and my five year old self).